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Monday, March 9, 2015

40 Weeks Exactly.

[Personal] Yes! We just had a baby!
Introducing baby Elroy Lim ..
This cheeky fellow decided to catch me unaware & popped out on his exact due date *sweat* 
Our pride, our joy, our love.
A video we made from the very day we knew I was expecting! The hubby complied a 1-second video of my daily life and watch on to progressively see me get fat! LOLOL. Thank you all for the well-wishes, messages & gifts! Extremely overwhelmed with love & trying to get used to a new routine with baby! Hopefully I'll squeeze some time in to write my birth story too! :) 
"At first we had each other, Then we had you.
And now we have everything." - Anonymous
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Busy being a milk machine! Back soon xo

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Quick Update ..

[Personal] Hello hello! 
Did Chinese New Year pass by in the blink of an eye??? Well I was nothing but busy this festive season, with some many friends to visit and lo-hei parties to attend! Too much food, friends and fun! Love it! To be really honest I was so afraid that I would suddenly go into labor during the holidays and miss out on all the eating ~ ahahaha! But yes.. luckily baby has been listening to me and stayed in happily til now! Im only 3 days to my EDD (Estimated Due Date) and frankly ... still no sight of labor! *gasp* The hubs is having me under "house arrest" this week so no going out alone! He's pretty paranoid about me driving and suddenly experiencing contractions or something LOL! 
Anyways I'm off to take some pics for more upcoming beauty reviews since Im kinda free at the moment .. but leaving you a picture from my recent Pregnancy photoshoot! I'll show u the rest plus behind the scenes but unfortunately hubby's laptop crashed right after CNY so he needs to retrieve the pictures and videos he took while I was doing the photoshoot. FML I hope he finds them! 
Thats me at #35Weeks :) 
Bye and back soon! xo
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brunch at Wild Honey with my Ponies

 Wow I've been awake since 6am (once again.. pee break every other day as usual ever since my 3rd trimester!) and today I was thinking of all the nonsensical stuff like matching my bag to my new year outfit and then realizing the color of my sandals not matching my bag etc etc. You know~ all those important things *LOL*. #FirstWorldProblems #SibehBoliao And then I got out of bed to bao more red packets incase I run out of them or something so I just decided to sit down and write a post since I dun think I will be getting more sleep as the hubby's relatives will all be coming by our place soon! When we first got together .. I realized that his relatives are all super early birds can! I mean its the holidays and they can all drop by at 9am!!! Nine freaking AM in the morning !!! I think back at my parent's place .. if we wake up at 9am on a P.H, its already an amazing feat. HAAA.
 So a couple of days ago I met my beloved ponies (we call ourselves ponies coz we just all like unicorns and my little ponies and all that stuff) for brunch at Wild Honey! Loveee all-day breakfast and Wild Honey is just one of those places that usually gets it right all the time. They are alittle on the expensive side I reckon, but the eggs are always perfectly done and their coffee ain't half bad too!
 Im just glad that they removed their self-service payment method now and have proper table service!
 Mandatory camwhoring peekture ~thankssss #37Weeksandcounting

Monday, February 16, 2015

At 37 Weeks..

[Personal] Hi guys! Its the week of Chinese New Year and the countdown begins as I go into full-term :) It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday after church so the hubby and I decided to go for a quick dip in the pool! And then he decided to capture some fun pictures of me underwater (using his Gopro) ~ it was quite hilarious trying to stay afloat with a big belly but yeah! Just one personal picture to share during this #pregnancyjourney! Have my weekly gynae appointment later so will be back soon! Hope everyone have a great week with Chinese New Year celebrations! 
p.s Do you know or have any pregnancy taboos that you heard from your elders or older folks? Am trying to find out about more common (or uncommon!) Asian myths so do share with me k! :D
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crème Simon : Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover Review

[Review] Happy Valentine's Day everyone! February is such an exciting month! First its V-Day today which the hubby and I personally dun really celebrate (I guess thats what happens when you have been pak tor-ing for so long! But dun get me wrong... we feel that everyday should be V-day! LOL) The thing is this year it is slightly special as it is the last time we spend it alone coz we have our lil bundle of joy next year to spend it together as a family! And then February is also the month of Chinese New Year which is one of my favorite holidays coz I get to eat all the yummy food and see all my fun relatives and cousins! A joyous month of celebrations indeed. I spent my morning washing and drying Junior's bedsheets in preparation for his arrival so Im such in the mood of love and pink (pink is a personal favorite, Junior's stuff are all BLUE BLUE BLUE) today ... and guess what arrived at my doorstep this very morning!
 Crème Simon was founded in 1860 and a #1 French brand at the height of its popularity, The brand now offers simple yet powerful skin-care and climate-care solutions for today’s savvy and active women - without parabens, silicones, alcohol and harmful preservatives.
Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover Review 
I super love the packaging la! Its my first time trying out a  Crème Simon product so Im quite intrigued and then ... its French too! Sooo par excellence for February 14th ~ as they say in French for Valentine's Day you know. A picture of romance!
Nature Inspired. Climate Perfected.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Etude House Pink - Full of Love Launch and Valentine Day Collection Review

[Event + Review] *WARNING* This post has alot of PINK! If there is ever a color that I could choose to be totally drenched in .. obviously pink it is! I dunno if I would ever love another color as much as I love pink. I mean, I wear a lot of black (Hahaha coz I ish quite fat right so I need to look thin - pink is not exactly a slimming color if you know what I mean) but if you notice ~ this whole blog is kinda pink even though its quite a trend to have clean white minimalistic looking websites these days! Pink is love la. I mean I see pink I happy can. Especially when Valentine day is coming .. 
Etude House Pink - Full of Love Princess Wonderland 
Last weekend Etude House held the Pink -Full of Love event featuring new products such as the Valentine Day collection – "Give me Chocolate, Enamelting Gel Nails, Wish Lips-Talk and Stay Up Foundation" to name a few!
Etude House Wisma Atria
I fell in love with Etude House the very first time I saw it in Korea (Coz they have like a whole pink castle-looking building in Myeongdong) .. so naturally Im super excited when Etude House has such a pretty flagship store in Wisma Atria! Stepping into the party was like going into a PINK WONDERLAND with all my favorite things! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fact or Fiction? 2nd Trimester Common Myths Debunked

[Personal] Edited to add : Im writing this post with a heavy heart because I have just received some really bad news in the family. As this post was already in the works before I got the news, I decide to finish it before I take some time off to grieve privately. Im sorry for the late replies in emails, comments and tags from today onwards as I will be away for the time being. Thank you for understanding. 
Fact or Fiction? 2nd Trimester Common Myths Debunked
Once people got to know about my pregnancy (namely into my 2nd trimester) - there was an overwhelming load of information from well-meaning friends and relatives. While I relish the kindness and advice, these are some common ones that I decide to compile because trust me.. it wouldn't be your first or the last time hearing these.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

EHA Skincare Event + EHA Gentle Exfoliating Gel & EHA Restore Gel Review

[Review + Event] Hello everyone! What a lazy Saturday it is! Actually I have been up early this morning and now feeling slightly sleep deprived as I get woken up really easily these days! I hope I can take a short nap before dinner later! Woes of a preggy woman ............ 
Yesterday was FUN! I attended the EHA Skincare launch at Shaw Center with some of my awesome friends! So fun to see everyone again and thank u all for your well-wishes! *awww*
EHA Skincare Launch
Fans of EHA Skincare will be happy to know that this cult skin care brand has finally opened its very own stand alone store at Shaw Centre in Orchard. With a range of skin care products from Japan, US and France, this comprehensive range of skin care is specially formulated for the humidity of Asia and sensitive Asian skin. 
I had a great time chatting to my girlfriends and checking out the EHA Skincare range available at the store! It was my first time trying products from EHA Skincare so I was quite enthusiastic! Skincare and makeup are one of my most favorite things and its interesting to know what's new and available currently! With all my pretty girls! xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Shopping Experience at Motherswork and Personal Baby Shopping Checklist

[Personal] Hello everyone! So finally I sat down and compiled a personal Newborn Baby Checklist of the things that I have personally bought and will be using. Being a first-time mummy-to-be, I realized that there's a wealth of information available online and through books/ friends/ relatives. But we are all different, so why should our checklist be the same? Therefore, I decided to narrow down my choices and perhaps give you an insight of what my personal New Baby Checklist looks like. 
New Baby Checklist 
To be very frank, I also realized that IM THE MOST NUA PERSON EVER because strangely, although I love shopping - I didnt get alot of baby stuff too early on in my pregnancy. While I dun encourage anyone to do the same *ahem most of my friends can't wait to start buying baby stuff anyways so it might not even be a problem LOL* - I think I just wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and only get the things that I needed after some research and homework. No impulsive buying I guess! Here's a couple of books that I personally felt that helped me a great deal into determining what to buy and what to omit. From top Left, I printed out afew baby checklists that was readily available online and highlighted that stuff that I wanted to get. The "Pregnancy and BabyCare Guide" is current and full of tips for mothers from first trimester onwards and the book provided a list of popular brands and new products available in Singapore. The "Blissful Baby Expert" by Lisa Clegg gave me an insight of things to prepare and things that the author feels is essential or helpful or not necessary. Helpful pointers include right from the start of pregnancy to the hospital, to even after bringing baby home. Lastly, the Stokke catalog coz I was interested in their stuff right from the beginning ~ haha! (Disclaimer : I am no way affiliated with any of the brands or authors mentioned in this article)
There are some stuff that I have already gotten from previous baby fairs (See previous post here : or ad-hoc shopping trips where I simply would buy something if it catches my fancy - baby clothes especially! They look so small and cute so it's hard to resist buying some! Even my hubby would swoon and coo over baby onesies and I usually have to stop him from over-buying clothes coz babies tend to grow too fast! And so I digress. Anyways back to baby shopping. The smaller stuff didnt really bug me much coz I can always get it nearby or even in a supermarket eg diapers/ cotton Q-tips or even baby shampoo. But the one thing that I am very particular about is how I was going to purchase my big-ticket items - pram, cot and car seat what-not. These are things that are going to cost us a small fortune and I am a person who will choose what I want carefully ~ especially when we are talking about items that cost an arm and leg. There are so so so many baby brands in the market that cater to all your different needs so .. where do we even start? 
Shopping at Motherswork 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Tokyo Star Optical x Ettusais : Girls Who Wear Glasses Beauty Workshop

[Event] Hi hi guys! In between all the madnessssss last week where I finally bought almost all my baby stuff *phew*, packed my hospital bag, arranged my documents and finally shot my prenatal pictures... I also squeezed some time on the weekend to attend Tokyo Star Optical x Ettusais - Girls Who Wear Glasses Beauty Workshop! 
Do you wear glasses? Well, I do!
Tokyo Star Optical is an optical concept store which was first established in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan and now brought to Singapore.
A workshop for the ladies to pick up beauty tips & tricks to suit their frames. Because girls deserve to be pampered.
The collaboration with Ettusais means that there are plenty of makeup for us to play with! Actually I dun really know how to use makeup with glasses as Im usually in my contacts if I intend to wear makeup. 
So glad to see some of my fellow beauty blogger girlfriends! 
(L-R) June, Chantana, me looking like a balloon once again, Elrica and Jerlene. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CNP Laboratory - Propolis Energy Ampule & 2-Step Quick Soothing S.O.SMask Review

[Review + Event] Hi guys! Today Im back wth another skincare review and actually I dun normally do skin reviews in such a short period of time (mostly coz I prefer to try the product's efficiency out for alittle while before I write something about it) - but I have to say that I was pretty impressed with what I saw from the media launch of CNP Laboratory last night! I couldnt wait so I tried the products out once I got home and hence this review of my initial impressions of the Propolis Energy Ampule & 2-Step Quick Soothing S.O.S Mask! (More pics later) But first up .. an introduction to this extremely popular Korean brand! Someone say 안녕하세요 ~ Annyeonghaseyo!
As a leader among domestic Korean dermatology brands, CNP Cosmetics was established with participation of 50 dermatologists and ten years of expertise from the R&D stage, so as to manufacture products that best suited to skin of all types. 
The company is making products safe from the five harmful elements (five No’s) through its (colorless, non-Alcohol, non-Paraben, non-Fragrance, non-Mineral oil) seven-step verification test processes, such as thorough testing and internal/external quality evaluation, by selecting skin-friendly elements based on a deep understanding of skin.
The number of products CNP Laboratory carries are quite extensive. They have items for basic skin care, special skin care, anti-pore, anti-blemish, masks, packs and signature star products. Im sure there's something for everyone! 
CNP Dermatology was founded in 1996 with its first clinic in Yangjae, South Korea. Recognizing the importance of good after-treatment home care to address skin issues, the founders of CNP started their own product research and development in 2000. Just a few months into the year, CNP Cosmetics was born. Today, CNP Cosmetics is a leading pharmaceutical-level cosmetic line that has won numerous industry and consumer awards for its efficacy.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What I bought from the Baby World Babyfair

[Personal] Hi guys! Heehee so yesterday I made a quick trip down to Suntec's Baby World Babyfair, something that some 20k people were anticipating (according to the number of likes on their facebook!) and yes!!! ALOT OF PEOPLE THERE!!! 
Wah lau I tell uuuuuuuu. The hubby and I chiong down to Suntec right after my gynae's appointment in the morning and since the fair opens at 10am, I was still thinking "Ok la... 1015am reach still not so bad." Right?? Right??? WRONG. 
So apparently everyone had the same idea to troop down with prams (sans baby ahaa!), trolleys and maids in tow to the babyfair! On the first day. Right in the morning. My hubby still can rub it in by saying," Ya la u think u very clever to come so early - other people also what." HAHAHAHAH ok la quite funny.
Ok show you what I came home with. Keke. And I still can proclaim very loudly that I GOT NOTHING TO BUY.
My hubby's reaction = 
Baby World Fair 
Picture taken from their Facebook. I bo eng to take picture inside. Chiong already buey hu liao. (*no time)
Showing u what baby loots I got in the end! 
*Not an advertisement*
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