The author loves her shoes, idyllic getaways & eating street hawker food. Loves yoga. She doesnt really care for fashion, and throws on whatever she can find in her wardrobe - although you & me know that the old adage of 'a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear' is probably true. Addicted to skulls, smell of coffee, butterflies, rainbows and buying cosmetics. She'll never resist anything that has to do with Hello Kitty .. MyLittleTwinStars or Melody! Welcome to abit of punk, abit of rock but a hell lot of pink too!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TheBodyShop - Fuji Green Tea Range

[Review] Helloooo! These days I have been dreaming .. Dreaming of a lush getaway with hubby and baby! I miss going on a vacation but I dread to imagine all the packing I have to do! Haha! Time has been flying by at an astoundingly fast rate. I mean.. its MAY already??? This baby thing is really making the days go by in a jiffy. Sometime last month the good people of WOM and TheBodyShop sent some green goodies my way!
The Body Shop - Fuji Green Tea Range 
The Body Shop has cleverly designed the perfect three step ceremony for your skin to detoxify and replenish your mind, body and soul.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Present of Time with Wisma Atria - Editorial

[Editorial] Growing up under the care of a Teochew-Peranankan matriarch, also known as my mother - a good portion of my childhood was spent enjoying good food (any bibik worth her weight in gold will enjoy her food) and having leisure talks about fashion. I remember watching her dress up on weekends as she brought me out for tea and shopping and although she has modern tastes in fashion (she still has), the traditional Nonya kebaya has a very special place in her heart. I remember my mother telling me stories about my Peranankan grandmother leaving her a trove of personal kebayas in which she unfortunately, has misplaced and still regret til this day. Luckily my mum still kept my grandmother's gold "korongsang" well, and Im most fortunate to have inherited those marvellous vintage pieces when I got married and wore a red kebaya for the tea ceremony. It was like I wore a part of our family history with me that day. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crabtree and Evelyn Hungary Water Eau de Cologne Review

[Review] Sometime ago as I was just getting into the gist of caring for another human being (and trying my best not to harm him LOL) - something arrived at my doorstep!
Crabtree and Evelyn Hungary Water Eau de Cologne
Accustomed to having receive baby hampers and diapercakes that couple of days.. I was super glad that something came FOR ME! Hahahah! Feeling neglected (kidding) coz everything was about baby! :p Finally I can open an adult present of my own and pretend its my birthday! Hahhaha I mean thats why we buy stuff online? So we can untie ribbons and open wrappers?? ROFL.
Ok back to topic.
A rejuvenating and classic blend of herbaceous notes.
The Heritage Collection
In the early Crabtree & Evelyn fragrance library, the first edition of Hungary Water was loved for both its aroma and compelling story. Set in the 14th Century the tale tells of a unique scented tonic presented by an alchemist to The Royal Monarchs of Hungary, along with the promise of eternal youth. With strange coincidence the King became famed for his youthfulness and the Queen for her beauty, allegedly bestowed by the tonic’s rejuvenating scent. Today’s second edition of Hungary Water continues the enduring legacy, taking influence from the original historical recipe, updated with a contemporary edge.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

CNP Laboratory Propolis Deep Moisture Pack Review

[Review] Following my previous introduction to CNP Cosmetics from Korea (also see here : CNP kindly sent one of their most popular products, the Propolis Deep Moisture Pack for another review.. thanks Kat! I noticed this star product at the event launch as it has a rather unique fragrance, it reminded me of sweet smelling honey I suppose! So delicious! 
Propolis Deep Moisture Pack Review
Moist Honey Sleeping Pack
During sleeping hours, Madecassoside provides vitality to skin that has been exposed to stress and environmental factors throughout the day and helps to restore damaged skin. The Propolis Deep Moisture Pack is an intensive overnight hydrating treatment. Contains propolis extract to nourish and hydrate the skin while you sleep.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Day in a Life of My Baby ...

[Personal] Hi guys! Once again baby is having his nap time and Im trying to ninja my way here in my room to write a short post. So many things to blog about.. but so little time! I really shall try out blogging via handphone but Im quite old school in a way and I really like to type posts out with both hands on a keyboard ahaha! Anyways I am amazed with this motherhood thingy.. the joy of seeing your baby grow day by day is damn pretty awesome :) I've been meaning to write about my birth story but the pictures are currently with my hubby so I dun have them at the moment. Shall do so when he finally finds the time to pass them to me. I mean, we are at home everyday but time seems to fly by us like crazy! I have emails to reply and pictures of products to take for reviews but the moment the little one needs my attention, I have to be there. Sometimes I cant even take a shower in peace coz he wails when he doesnt see me. Arghhh. 
So what do I do everyday then? *Edited to add : I continued this post like, 2 freaking days later coz I was so busy! Ahhhh!*
My Typical Day with Baby

Friday, April 10, 2015

Munchkin LATCH Review - Spinning Drying Rack & Latch Bottle

[Review] Hi guys! Im back with a short review on one of my current most-used products at the moment! Heh.. but first I have to tell u its not my usual beauty product review coz almost everything I do now revolves around BABY. *Sorry ah...* - Insert housewife look - Enter the world of baby fairs and baby products ~ its like an entire world existed outside my previous one. 
Munchkin LATCH Review
To rid the world of tired and mundane products, Munchkin develops clever solutions that make parenting safer, easier and more fun.
To be really honest, I have not heard about Munchkin (then again I have never heard of many baby brands even before becoming a mummy!) but when they sent some products over for a review, I realized how pocket-friendly and rather innovative their products are. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adapting to Motherhood

[Personal] So its been rather quiet around the house because everyone is so afraid to wake the baby up lol. I am trying to sneak in time to write a little here and there (sorry if Im not replying tags/emails and comments fast enough!) because every moment is so precious. My baby is growing up so quickly! It seems like just yesterday when we brought him home and now he is already a month old. Its really not easy this parenthood thing because we are all so new at it. Im actually more chillax than I think I would be - just last night while on night duty and changing royroy's diaper .. he decided to defecate on me. Poo literally shot from his a**hole on to my hand and pyjamas. I shrieked so loudly (half due to shock, half due to amusement actually) that his daddy actually JUMPED OUT of bed because he thought something bad happened! LMAO when he realized it was a shitty matter and we both just doubled up in laughter while our son just laid there frowning and perhaps wondering what happened to his diaper change. Anyways here's a smile from baby boy at about #3Weeks :)
Back soon xo
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*New Post on Elroy's Full Month Party Below!*

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Elroy's Full Month Party

[Personal] Hi guys! HAPPY EASTER! On Good Friday, we threw our firstborn a full month party with family and friends and I was so tired ZOMG I cant even. I've been planning this event BB (Before birth lol) and then I spent a bulk of my confinement period trying to confirm everything from the food to party planning to the dessert table. I know people will say Im kiasu but I tell u.. doing confinement is FREAKING TIRED everyday can. And on top of that u have to deal with a newborn so you only have a couple of hours per day to yourself. That is, if you include a baby attached to your boob.
Elroy's Full Month Party
We decorated the place with pictures for a personal touch

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Prenatal Photoshoot at Kids Pictures

[Pregnancy + Video] Oh hi! Im still ALIVE! To think that time flew by in a blink of an eye! Its been nearly 3 and a half weeks since I came home with baby and WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO. Im naturally abit sleep deprived at the moment.. and btw, anyone who has ever uttered the words "sleep like a baby" has obviously never had a baby before. BABIES DUN SLEEP - or rather, they dun sleep when u want them to! They are 24/7 hungry too! Im sneaking in this post before I go fulfill my cow duties. Someone say MOO.
My Prenatal Photoshoot at Kids Pictures 
Ever since I got pregnant, I was very sure that I wanted to do a nice prenatal photo shoot where I could glorify being fat. The three trimesters made my mood swing from high to low back to high (especially when I had morning sickness) but its all very exciting being first-time parents so what better way to commemorate this magical time in our lives. 
Located in a quiet corner of Tanglin Mall, Kids Pictures Professional Photography has been in business since 2000. Specializing in newborn/children shoots, family portraits, prenatal as well as outdoor & underwater! I was so excited because I was counting the weeks up til this shoot so that my bump would be nice and big LOL.
I would recommend you to turn up earlier for a short discussion with head photographer Yan, who immediately put me at ease with her affable personality! I had some shots in my phone that I have taken for inspiration that I kept to show Yan and in addition, she showed me some of the pictures that they have taken previously before. I wanted something simple and have brought along some of my personal clothes for the shoot. We also discussed about my Yoga poses coz I really wanted to incorporate my favorite exercise in the pictures! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

40 Weeks Exactly.

[Personal] Yes! We just had a baby!
Introducing baby Elroy Lim ..
This cheeky fellow decided to catch me unaware & popped out on his exact due date *sweat* 
Our pride, our joy, our love.
A video we made from the very day we knew I was expecting! The hubby complied a 1-second video of my daily life and watch on to progressively see me get fat! LOLOL. Thank you all for the well-wishes, messages & gifts! Extremely overwhelmed with love & trying to get used to a new routine with baby! Hopefully I'll squeeze some time in to write my birth story too! :) 
"At first we had each other, Then we had you.
And now we have everything." - Anonymous
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Busy being a milk machine! Back soon xo

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Quick Update ..

[Personal] Hello hello! 
Did Chinese New Year pass by in the blink of an eye??? Well I was nothing but busy this festive season, with some many friends to visit and lo-hei parties to attend! Too much food, friends and fun! Love it! To be really honest I was so afraid that I would suddenly go into labor during the holidays and miss out on all the eating ~ ahahaha! But yes.. luckily baby has been listening to me and stayed in happily til now! Im only 3 days to my EDD (Estimated Due Date) and frankly ... still no sight of labor! *gasp* The hubs is having me under "house arrest" this week so no going out alone! He's pretty paranoid about me driving and suddenly experiencing contractions or something LOL! 
Anyways I'm off to take some pics for more upcoming beauty reviews since Im kinda free at the moment .. but leaving you a picture from my recent Pregnancy photoshoot! I'll show u the rest plus behind the scenes but unfortunately hubby's laptop crashed right after CNY so he needs to retrieve the pictures and videos he took while I was doing the photoshoot. FML I hope he finds them! 
Thats me at #35Weeks :) 
Bye and back soon! xo
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brunch at Wild Honey with my Ponies

 Wow I've been awake since 6am (once again.. pee break every other day as usual ever since my 3rd trimester!) and today I was thinking of all the nonsensical stuff like matching my bag to my new year outfit and then realizing the color of my sandals not matching my bag etc etc. You know~ all those important things *LOL*. #FirstWorldProblems #SibehBoliao And then I got out of bed to bao more red packets incase I run out of them or something so I just decided to sit down and write a post since I dun think I will be getting more sleep as the hubby's relatives will all be coming by our place soon! When we first got together .. I realized that his relatives are all super early birds can! I mean its the holidays and they can all drop by at 9am!!! Nine freaking AM in the morning !!! I think back at my parent's place .. if we wake up at 9am on a P.H, its already an amazing feat. HAAA.
 So a couple of days ago I met my beloved ponies (we call ourselves ponies coz we just all like unicorns and my little ponies and all that stuff) for brunch at Wild Honey! Loveee all-day breakfast and Wild Honey is just one of those places that usually gets it right all the time. They are alittle on the expensive side I reckon, but the eggs are always perfectly done and their coffee ain't half bad too!
 Im just glad that they removed their self-service payment method now and have proper table service!
 Mandatory camwhoring peekture ~thankssss #37Weeksandcounting
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